sewing-business-startYou can make money by using your sewing skills and a high tech machine to produce embroidered images for clients. Machine embroidery will give you a chance to generate income while enjoying your work.

For people who love the craft of sewing, creating personalized gifts for others is no chore but sheer joy. Using computer software and a laptop, you can create your own patterns digitally. You can also use software to project any type of clipart image on t-shirts, patches, or towels. If you don’t already own one, purchase a digital embroidery machine and begin an enjoyable career.

Step One

Check with your local government about setting up your business. There may be applications to fill out and fees to be paid. Determine what your requirements are for beginning a new business. You may need to be licensed and bonded. Some states require you to register with the state as well.

Step Two

To become successful in this field, you should learn everything you can about the craft of sewing. Practice your craft daily. Develop your skills to achieve the level you envision yourself to be. Become familiar with the sewing machine as well as hand stitching.

Enroll in classes to stay on top of the latest sewing techniques and equipment. Have a voracious appetite for reading and browsing through your local library for sewing and craft books. Read on the subject of sewing as well as looking at industry specific magazines.

Step Three

Decide what type of investment you want to put into your new business. If you already own an embroidery sewing machine, you may want to explore the embroidery capabilities on it first before purchasing an embroidery machine. Once you begin to enjoy the success of your business, save your money and purchase a commercial embroidery machine. With this machine, you can use computer software to create more professional images. This type of machine will help you create large designs on sweatshirts, jackets, and bags.

There are several advantages to using a commercial machine. It allows you to switch from color to color without having to re-thread the machine. With the computer software, it provides greater design capabilities. You can even design your own image on your personal computer to embroider on fabric.

Step Four

Decide what you will charge. Many times people who sew do it for the pure pleasure of pleasing others. However, to generate income for your business you will need to decide on a rate to charge for your work. Include in your rate, supplies, equipment, and labor. When making cost only deals with friends and family, make certain they keep your inside deals quite from the public.

Step Five

Market yourself. Purchase or create from a home computer, business cards, brochures, and/or a website, these items will help you in obtaining customers. Consider taking adds out in your local newspaper or a commercial on your local television or radio station. If you network with recognizable names in your community, offer your services in exchange for a good recommendation.