party-planner-businessMany people find themselves with the lack of knowledge or expertise or time to plan an event or party on their own. Independent party planners can step in and give the party the special attention it deserves. Party planners can plan these events from their home.

Are you a good organizer? Are you imaginative and creative? Become a party planner and you will take charge of creating memorable moments for families to cherish a lifetime. This job is fun and interesting with the best part being you will have the freedom of becoming your own boss with no one looking over your shoulder any more. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when beginning your own party planning business.

Tip One

Find out what permits and licensing your local government requires of party planners. You may need to consider working to become a Certified Special Events Professional or a Certified Meeting Planner, since many larger businesses look for these titles when hiring a party planner. Also, you may want to consider taking classes at your local university or community college, such classes as marketing, accounting, and small business will help in your endeavors. Consider getting your degree in or certificate in event planning or management.

Tip Two

Decide what kind of party planning do you want to offer, “corporate” or “social”. Corporate party planning involves planning events for businesses, charities, and not-for-profit organizations. These types of parties usually involve fundraisers, receptions, conventions, and holiday parties. Social party planning involve weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and reunions.

Tip Three

If you are low on starting capital then consider requiring an up-front deposit from the client before working on the party and then require the rest of the payment before the event, so you can cover the costs of the party. You also need to investigate businesses to discover who can supply you with quality supplies at a discount rate. You will also need to find rental businesses in your area where you rent fountains, lattice work, altars, and decorative props. Depending on the types of parties you plan to specialize in, it may be cost effective to build or buy your own instead of renting. Having items like this on hand will not only slash your out-going cash flow, but will pay for itself within a couple of parties. You may also want to apply for a tax identification number to purchase your supplies at cost.

Tip Four

Decide on how you want to price your services. You can look online and check comparable party planner’s prices.

Tip Five

How will you advertise your business? Effective advertising could include placing an ad in your local paper or renting a large sign to place in the parking lot of a well traveled area. Another idea is purchase business cards to hand out or ask to place them at bridal stores, party supplies stores, or libraries. You may also want to consider creating a blog or a website to advertise your business in cyberspace.