HighestPayingJobsToday’s careers and education choices are more diverse than ever before.  However, a changing market means that some degrees pay off more than others.  A B.A. won’t get you nearly the income it once may have garnered.  With the price of a college degree increasing, it may be more cost effective for today’s students to consider one of these seven of the highest paying degrees, listed with their highest-paying major:

1) Degree: Engineering (BE, BESc, BScE)

Most Lucrative Major: Computer Engineering

Engineering is the science of applying scientific, social, economical and practical knowledge to the practice of structural design.  Engineers design and build structures (buildings, bridges), machines, systems, devices and materials.  Computer engineering involves designing complex computer systems.  The median starting salary of a computer engineer today is approximately $67,000.

2) Degree: Computer Sciences (BCompSc)

Most Lucrative Major: Computer Science

Computer Science is the study and application of science and math to computation.  A computer scientist designs computers and software programs which run computer systems.  The median starting salary of a Computer Science graduate is approximately $58,000.

3) Degree: Business (BBA)

Most Lucrative Major: Economics

A business degree prepares a student to work in the business world and the modern marketplace.  Business degree holders are often employed in managerial positions, financial administration and auditing.  Some business majors go on to launch their own successful companies.  The average annual median starting salary for a BBA holder is approximately $54,000.

4) Degree: Science (BSc, BS)

Most Lucrative Major: Construction science/management

The field of “science” covers a wide range of disciplines, including earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, social science, biochemistry and several more.  Those pursuing a science degree may end up making the most money focusing on the science of construction.  The median average annual starting salary in this field is approximately $54,000.

5) Degree: Health Science (BHSc, BSc)

Most Lucrative Major: Nursing

A general, worldwide shortage of nurses has driven up wages for nurses.  While nursing in some areas is more lucrative than in others, the average median starting salary for a nurse today is approximately $48,000.

6) Degree: Communications (BComm)

Most Lucrative Major: Advertising

Communications is the study of communicating using many different modes, including written word, visuals (pictures, video, art), signals and behavior.  Communications graduates often find work in fields relating to writing and editing.  Those who specialize in advertising tend to make the most money, and their average median starting salary is approximately $44,000.

7) Degree: Education (BEd)

Most Lucrative Major: Special Education

An education degree prepares a graduate to work in the field of school teaching.  And while the average salary for an elementary school teacher in relation to other fields is declining, those with a degree in Special Education are enjoying increased pay.  This is because special education programs are increasing as awareness of different learning needs and a desire to be inclusive in public education are growing.  The average median starting salary for a special educator is approximately $42,000.