ghostwritingGhostwriting is a type of freelance writing job. By possessing strong English skills, technical writing skills, and grammar skills you can become a ghostwriter.

You can enjoy a promising career as a ghostwriter and make good money doing it too. The equipment it takes to run a business like this is a dependable computer and reliable Internet service. You may need to purchase some writing self-help books to help you on your journey.

Types of Service

Before setting out your cyber shingle as a ghostwriter, you may want to take some time in the beginning and identify what type of writing services you wish to offer. What kind of background do you have? Have you taken technical writing classes in college? Do you understand the craft of writing fiction? Or are you interested in helping students of any age learn how to write an academic paper?

Technical Writer

A technical writer uses his skills to write mostly factual information. For example, a technical writer writes instructional manuals, informational articles, academic papers, and content for websites. This type of writer rarely uses purple prose and poetic language, just the facts.

Fictional Writer

A fictional ghostwriter will use her skills to create a work which not based in facts. The individual who decides to become a fictional ghostwriter will work on projects, such as novels, novellas, and short stories.

Pros and Cons

There are several benefits to becoming a ghostwriter. First, people need content for their own purposes and are willing pay someone to write for them. Second, the job is flexible, so you can operate your business from home. Last, becoming a ghostwriter means the opportunity to allow your creative juices to flow.

There is one serious drawback to becoming a ghostwriter. The downside is that you do not obtain credit for the work you do. If fact, in many cases the ghostwriter must give up any rights to their work. The client who purchased the work retains the copyright, giving the client full right to publish the work as their own.


Ghostwriting is a freelance writing job. By possessing strong English skills, technical writing skills, and grammar skills then you can become a ghostwriter. There are pros and cons to becoming a ghostwriter, so be sure to research all the aspects to see if this career is for you.