Dave-RamseyFor many Americans looking to get out of debt, Dave Ramsey is a financial guru.  Ramsey, host of the syndicated radio program The Dave Ramsey Show has inspired hundreds of thousands of people over the years to find responsible ways to get out of debt.

Dave Ramsey had a typical southern middle-class American childhood.  As a young adult he attended the University of Tennessee’s College of Business Administration.  Upon graduation, he entered into real estate brokerage.

He went on to amass a real estate portfolio worth 4 million dollars.  He was admitted into the Graduate Realtor’s Institute at age 26, one the youngest ever to receive this honor.

However, like many real estate businesses in the mid-1980′s, Ramsey’s business began to suffer after the Tax Reform Act of 1986 was passed into law.  The market for luxury and business properties began to dry up, and, eventually, Ramsey’s business had to file for bankruptcy protection.

This experience was a growing time for Ramsey, who used his tremendous losses to reflect on his own personal financial health as well as that of his business investments.  His loss inspired him to explore more responsible ways of spending, handling credit and borrowing money.

His newfound passion for financial freedom led him to begin volunteering to offer financial counsel to people in his church.  His volunteerism further fueled his passion for sharing a message of financial peace.  Soon, he turned his new fervor into a brand new business.

He founded a new company, The Lampo Group, Inc. in 1992.  He began offering professional financial counseling services and developing curriculum teaching people how to control their own finances.  His advice and instruction was so well-received by those he counseled that many of his fans and followers urged him to write a book.

Ramsey published his first book, Financial Peace, in 1992.  His book became the basis for his educational programs under the umbrella of his Financial Peace University.

Today, Financial Peace University provides thousands of people each year with instruction on various finance-related topics, including saving, investing, getting out of debt, household/personal budgeting and other money-related subjects.  Classes are tailored for different ages, individuals, couples and families as well as for businesses and non-profits.

Ramsey fell into the opportunity to host a radio show in 1992 when a Nashville, Tennessee radio station found itself suddenly short of an afternoon host due to (ironically) financial problems.  Ramsey offered to work for free for one month while the station strategized its next move.  To his surprise, the show was a hit and eventually led to an ongoing contract and a three-hour, five-days-per-week show.

Its popularity swelled locally and soon Ramsey and his producers began syndicating it.  Today, The Dave Ramsey Show is broadcast on over 500 radio stations across the country, with a listener base of 5 million.  The show is also available via podcast.

Ramsey has a unique talent for communicating about a sensitive and sometimes confusing subject in a way that average listeners can understand.  His fans appreciate his ability to transcend numbers and formula’s to address many of the emotional and spiritual needs and issues that surround the idea of financial peace.